Company Profile

PEGA bv develops, produces and supplies boat trailers to 12.50 cm in length and up to 3500 gross payload.


Started in 1955, on the outskirts of Rotterdam, as small manufacturer at the start with four brothers (Peije, Ed, Gerrit and Aat), PEGA has become a leading international supplier of boat trailers.


With a range of models in different quality, they can provide all the water sports market for any type of boat trailers boat.


In the year 2006, they are the first to market with boat trailers in various production lines, so there is always a choice for the consumer.

Selected by a wide dealer network, our products are distributed within the European market. The EU approval granted in 2012, is a PEGA increasing international understanding, which we may receive. Many years in the Netherlands.


For us the ultimate customer service and quality first. By continuing to innovate constantly, we can then ensure the highest quality.


To ensure a good service and fast delivery, we work with qualified staff throughout our organization.