Engineering and detail

Solid Chassis

The basic concept of all PEGA boat trailers consists of an extra durable chassis, so you can trust. Even in extreme conditions on your trailer The robust chassis also provides you the excellent handling and long life, where PEGA boat trailer is known for. Goes without saying that the PEGA boat trailers to all European standards and approvals (RDW, PVG, TÜV). All trailers are standard PEGA PEGA approved and supports its quality vision to provide 2 year warranty. Because of this reputation the company and boat trailers are a household name for every water sports enthusiast and professional user.


Bolts may represent a vulnerable link in absorbing heavy shocks. PEGA boat trailers are therefore crucial points equipped with buses to the bolts. A safe idea when transporting your boat!


Deinforced Corners

Curved corners in box sections are vulnerable to overloads and collisions. Therefore, not curved profiles, but also welded and equipped with additional reinforcement plates on corner joints.


Under Frame

By the use of an additional sub-frame, the known rigidity of a boat trailer PEGA realized. The load distribution through the use of the lower frame brings about both a better road holding as well as a much longer lifetime of the trailer.