PEGA reputation

The PEGA boat trailer guarantees many years of pleasure. The base of all PEGA boat trailers consist of an extra solid frame, so that you can rely on your trailer even in very heavy conditions. The robust frame also offers an excellent road handling and long durability, this is what the PEGA boat trailer is best known for. Course, the PEGA boat trailers meet all European standards and can be delivered in all European countries.

Watch the demo of the PEGA centering

Our trailers are available
in three trim levels:


The reliable, robust and secure base


The line with a package of useful extras


The name says it all: the exclusive line.

In the event that the spending budget is more important than comfort, we can meet with the


Many quality for few euros


We also produce for the professional market


with specific requirements. With these six production lines, we provide the entire water industry of boat trailers in any quality or price.

PEGA surely the best choice