Engineering and detail

Countersink work

The PEGA boat trailers are galvanized with the delivery as best qualified workshops. Well as hot-dip galvanizing drum, according to the standard EN ISO 1461:1999 handled. PEGA boat trailers provides a two-year warranty on the plating.



With this form of protection such as salt deposits, dirt, no damage to the galvanizing. By regularly spraying the boat trailer with water will remain as new. The value remains guaranteed.

Powder coating, durable protection

Powder Coating provides lasting protection for your boat trailer and color can be supplied. Choice in any RAL This will give your boat trailer value in both appearance and protection. This addition takes place after thermal applying a zinc coating on the chassis frame and via hot-dip galvanizing. For operations such as rays and the first with a primer are essential for good adhesion of the powder coating on the chassis. Click here for a list of all RAL colors.



Seen from a visual point of view, get the whole combination a mesmerizing look which retain your investment value.