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General regulations

Safety first

Go on an adventure prepared

Safety is the top priority at PEGA. Always make sure you are aware of what you are buying and what you need. For example, does your car have enough towing power for your boat trailer? Or what is the maximum weight you can tow with your licence? Consult the general regulations on our website and contact your dealer for detailed information and personalised advice.

Before leaving:

Country of destination: find out about national legislation (check maximum speeds here)

Right papers: do you have the right driving licence and other required approvals? (check here)

Safety: it is important to observe traffic rules and maintain your boat trailer properly.

Our dealers for the right advice

For the complete and most accurate advice, it is always essential to contact the supplier of your boat trailer or a dealer near you!

European approval

The PEGA boat trailers have had European approval since 2012, allowing them to be used outside the Netherlands. Upon purchase, you will receive a COC document with all technical specifications.

Which boat trailer can you take?

Before buying a boat trailer, it is essential to be aware of the options available. It is not only important to consider the payload required for your boat, but also the specifications of your vehicle and driving licence.

In most cases, driving licence B is sufficient to drive a trailer or trailer, but there are exceptions. With driving licence B, you may transport up to 750 kilograms!

Check if your car is suitable as a tow vehicle. This depends on the weight of the car and the maximum weight the car is allowed to tow. You can find this information on the vehicle registration certificate or on the RDW website.

Check whether the boat trailer is suitable for towing behind your car. This depends on the weight of the boat trailer and the maximum weight it is allowed to have, including load. You can find this information on the chassis plate on the frame.

Be sensible when loading your boat trailer. Overloading is not only illegal, but also dangerous for road safety and the safety of your self and your passengers. The maximum weight of the boat trailer must not be exceeded.

Calculate the weight of the combination of the car and the boat trailer. To do this, add the weight of the car to the loaded weight of your boat trailer. This weight must not exceed the maximum weight your driving licence allows.

When in doubt or with questions, you can always seek advice from a trailer and trailer specialist. Find a dealer near you (click here)