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Proven technique

The VB-LINER, formerly a version of the V-LINER (BUN version), has now earned a line of its own. This boat trailer uses the same techniques as the V-LINER, but has straight beams and a V-shaped frame at the rear. In addition, the bow support and bilge rollers have been raised, making boat transport even easier. With these modifications, the VB-LINER offers a stable and safe way to transport boats!

Where your experience is central

The PEGA boat trailer is designed to contribute to your overall travel experience, focusing on your comfort, safety and experience. With the PEGA VB-LINER, you can hit the road and enjoy transporting your boat carefree. This trailer not only provides stability and safety during transport, but also ensures smoother and easier loading and unloading.

Engine in the BUN

An engine placed in the bun of a sloop is protected from water and dirt by a submerged engine housing. However, this construction may affect the location of the screw.

The VB-LINER is a trailer specially designed to cater for this, with a V-shaped frame suitable for boats with an engine in the bun. With this adaptation, the VB-LINER offers a safe and stable way to transport your boat, without worrying about damage to the engine or trailer during transport.

The expert since 1955

With more than 65 years of experience, PEGA is the expert in water sports! Together, we will find a functional and appropriate solution for your transport needs.


Bow guide

Kim rollers

Keel rollers

Raised bow support

Removable lighting bar

V in frame

Straight intermediate beams

VB-LINER selected highlights

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VB-LINER options

By personalising your VB-LINER boat trailer, you turn your boat trailer into a unique and personal product that is completely tailored to your needs and your boat. This ensures not only increased comfort, but above all an unforgettable trailer experience.

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Engine in bun


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