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Powder coating

To protect against damage and to ensure quality, the product is of course carefully packed.

The perfect picture

A complete set

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The colourful and durable solution for your boat trailer

Powder coating protects your boat trailer from external influences and significantly extends its service life. The electrostatic process creates a barrier between the metal and water, oxygen and weathering. The coating is resistant to corrosion and scratches and is carefully applied and checked for the best quality.

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The ideal combination

Give your boat trailer a personal touch and create a unique combination.

The possibilities

At PEGA, we offer two basic options for powder coating your boat trailer: a full powder coating or just the chassis and bow support. As standard, we offer a wide range of RAL colours to choose from, but we are also open to customisation and consultation to meet your specific needs.

Full powder coating
Powder-coating chassis and bow support
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The process

At PEGA, powder coating is carefully applied after thorough pre-treatment. The product is suspended on a conveyor belt and after powder coating and heating in the oven, extensive quality control follows to prevent contamination and staining. To protect against damage and to ensure quality, the product is of course carefully packed.

Standard colours powder coating

As standard, you can choose from an extensive pallet of colors to put together your unique PEGA boat trailer. Discover the color that best suits your boat trailer, from “Oyster white” to “Moss green.”

Powder coating something for your boat trailer?

Explore the price lists to put together your boat trailer. Powder coating prices depend on the type of trailer and its weight.

Looking for a unique color composition? In consultation with your dealer and PEGA, your specific requirements can be realized.

Also discover

Repair and maintenance information

For repair and maintenance information, visit our extensive service dealer network or contact PEGA directly (contact details).

Please note: PEGA only provides you with information and support regarding repair and maintenance questions. Please note that PEGA does not perform physical maintenance on boat trailers. For detailed instructions and additional information, please refer to the user manual or contact one of our dealers.