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Retractable LED lighting

Launch quickly and safely

Waterproof flip-away LED lighting

If you are tired of lugging around a detachable lighting bar, then a fold-away LED light is the solution for you. This module is mounted on both sides at the back of the boat trailer with a specially developed folding system. Using a stainless steel gas spring, you can easily rotate the lights away, paving the way for a pleasant way of launching your boat into the water.

In short, with the fold-away LED lighting, you are assured of a safe and easy way to launch your boat without the hassle of towing a removable lighting bar. Enjoy your boat and make use of the latest technologies for maximum ease of use and comfort. The M-LINER and R-LINER are fitted with waterproof fold-away LED lighting as standard.

100% Waterproof

With an IP6K9K approval

Swing-away LED lighting
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Fully waterproof

Of course, all cables are fully waterproof and the LED lights have an IP6K9K rating, which is known within the industry as one of the best ratings. The lamps are resistant to water and dust and therefore continue to function well even in the most extreme conditions. So you can hit the road and launch your boat with confidence without worrying about lighting!

Updated lamps

Since early 2023, the road-folding LED lighting has been fitted with a new lighting unit as standard.

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